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Global 100 Update

2015 Poll Finds Major Decline in Anti-Semitic Attitudes in France

In a new poll, ADL found that the level of anti-Semitic attitudes in France dramatically declined, while Germany and Belgium registered significant reductions.

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Supreme Court Rules for Marriage Equality

Historic Step for Justice and Fair Treatment to All

ADL praised the Court's decision in the cases challenging the constitutionality of state marriage bans that limited marriage to one man and one woman, calling it "an historic step toward full civil rights for LGBT in America."

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Supreme Court Review

Tune In to ADL's Supreme Court Review on July 8

On July 8, 2015, 12:00-1:30 EDT (9:00-10:30 PT), watch distinguished legal scholars Erwin Chemerinsky and Frederick Lawrence, together with Slate's Supreme Court Correspondent Dahlia Lithwick, analyze the Supreme Court's most important rulings this year.

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Donald Trump's Hate Speech and Stereotyping

ADL condemned Donald Trump’s recent remarks about immigrants as hate speech and stereotyping, and called on him to stop spreading misinformation and fomenting hatred against immigrants.

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Security and Education Resources After Charleston

In the wake of the horror perpetrated at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, ADL has made security and education resources available for faith communities.

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U.N. Human Rights Report on Gaza: A Moral Travesty

The U.N. report never answers one fundamental question: Is there anything serious in the real world that Israel would do to stop rockets against its civilian population that would be deemed legitimate by the international community?

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