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Gaza Rally Netanyahu Sign

Take Action Against Anti-Semitism

A new report provides a snapshot of the dramatic upsurge in violence against Jews around the world during Israel's recent military operation in Gaza.

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AP Photo/dpa, Daniel Bockwoldt

Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack: Share the Facts

On August 26, Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire for an indefinite period of time. Hamas committed to halting rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, and Israel to cease its military actions in Gaza.

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Ferguson Missouri Protest

Talking About Ferguson With Youth

The recent shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent protests in Ferguson provide an opportunity to talk to young people about race, power and creating change.

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AP Photo/The Miami Herald, Emily Michot

Concern Over New Black Panther Party's Role in Ferguson

ADL expressed concern over the role that the hate group claims to play in supposedly helping to keep the peace between protesters and law enforcement in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown.

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History Compels Us When Religious Minorities Are Targeted

The radical group ISIS is targeting religious minorities in Iraq. In the face of this atrocity, we must not be silent.

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Conspiracy Theory Connects Jews to Origin of ISIS

Prominent public figures across the Muslim world, including Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Pakistan, are promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory suggesting that the terror group ISIS was "created" by Jews.

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